Friday, June 19, 2009

What's Brewin'?

Brewed a double batch about two weeks ago with my future brewpub partners.

Here they are a'stewin, looking for all the world like the same beer, but aha! They are not. On the left we see what promises to be an amazing Baltic-style porter; thick and creamy, quite sweet due to the brown sugar, honey, and blackstrap molasses in the wort. Lots of fermentables in there, probably going to end up around 8% ABV.

Perhaps more exciting is that concoction on the right, which you can see dry-hopping with about 2 oz. of citrusy-floral Cascade hops. This, my friends, is a black rye IPA. I orginally planned for a standard colored and bodied IPA; pale orange to amber colored. I used a higher Lovibond caramel malt, however, so I expect it will be quite a dark amber in the glass. Even more exciting was the addition of rye grains for that spiciness that is so great in porters and stouts. A lot of hops went into that bad boy, and I expect a spicy-bitter flavor with a bountiful bouquet of floral hops aroma. Planning to bottle in about a week and a half.

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