Monday, November 7, 2011

The Ranting of My College Teacher

I am now a college teacher, and this is exciting. Professor B. would be proud. I pray that I don't end up like him.

Here was a man who could pen a line of poetry or two--I wouldn't mind that little skill. He was a very old dog, though, who never was quite able to keep up with the times. More than once, women would walk out of his classroom, enraged at something he had said. Worse yet, were his stories about serving in Korea. I remember something about him stumbling upon a decomposing North Korean soldier on the banks of the river he had just filled his canteen from. That wasn't the bad part, however. No, that bad part read more like something from Lord of the Flies, complete with skull mounted firmly on a stick.

He showed us a picture of himself holding the stick.

I can't wait to be an old, doddering teacher who my students can laugh about. I hope that means, though, that I've had a long and successful career of teaching those students something of value. Perhaps how to write compelling narratives.